A better way to dispose of food waste.


A.B. Composting provides residential and commercial food waste collection and pickup services in the greater Glens Falls region. Collection bin size and pick up frequency can vary according to customers’ needs. Multi-bin plans are available for customers with a high volume of food waste.

The process is simple:

  1. You select the bin size, quantity, and pick up frequency that works for you. We can help you determine which options may be the best for your needs.
  2. We’ll bring your bin to your home or business. You fill it with food waste and other organic, compostable material.
  3. Place the bin outside the night before scheduled pickup. You can choose to receive pick up reminders through email or text messaging.
  4. We’ll pick up your bin or bins on scheduled days and replace them with clean, empty bins.
  5. All food waste collected is composted locally and cultivated into nutrient-rich, organic certified compost. Each spring, our customers are eligible to receive finished compost as part of our services.

Composting is an effective way to reduce methane gas emissions in landfills, lower your carbon footprint, and create nutrient-dense, chemical-free soil that supports high-quality produce. Composting is an easy, cost-effective step we can all take to help create sustainable communities and protect our environment.

Start Composting Now!

Peeled vegetables in white compost bin on blue background. Trash bin for composting with leftover from kitchen on blue background. Top view. Recycling scarps concept. Sustainable and zero waste lifestyle