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Q: How does it work?

A: Once you’ve signed on with us, we’ll deliver the bin of your choosing to your door. Fill the bin with food waste and other organic material as outlined in our list of acceptable compost items. Place your bin outside the night before your scheduled pick up. On pick up day, we’ll remove your full bin and replace it with an empty, clean one. Fill and repeat! We offer our customers free text or email reminders to be sent the day prior to scheduled pick up. In the spring, customers receive finished, high-quality compost as part of the service.

Q: What can be composted?

A: If it’s edible or made of organic material, meaning it has lived or grown recently, it can be composted. We take all food scraps, beverages, condiments, fats, oils, egg shells, nuts, garden scraps, and fruit skins. We also accept all uncoated paper and cardboard including pizza boxes, uncoated paper plates, paper towels, coffee filters, napkins and paper bags. Additionally, we accept all forms of yard debris excluding wood and branches. For more detailed information on what kinds of waste are accepted, please refer to our list of compostable items.

Q: For what types of businesses can you provide compost pick up services?

A: We offer services for a wide range of businesses, including restaurants, cafes, and other food service entities, as well as retailers, office complexes, and any other commercial business that produces food waste either as part of its business model or as a result of employee food consumption.

Q: What if I don’t fill my bin between scheduled pickups?

A: Services can be temporarily postponed as needed if collection volume is lower than anticipated between pickups, or in instances where businesses may be closed or residential customers may be out of town.

Q: Will collecting food waste in my bin cause an odor or attract insects or rodents?

A: Composting can result in different smells as food waste begins to decompose, and it can be a tempting habitat for a variety of critters. However, our bins are made of high-quality material that’s resistant to rodents and bugs, and come with screw-on lids that create a tight, spill-proof seal.

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